Open House Tuesday and Wednesday

W3EAX will be holding an open house Tuesday and Wednesday the 18th and 19th of September. All interested in becoming members should come. We will be showing off some of our equipment, and making a few contacts on the air.

First Look Fair fall 2012

W3EAX was present at the First Look Fair on campus. We set up a 20ft 2M vertical which was the highest structure at the fair! We were able to make contacts on 2M and heard hams from all around the world on HF. Because our HF dipole was too large to set up in the space we were alloted, we didn't have the chance to contact anyone on HF. We reached out to many students who were interested in the club, and plan to have an open house soon!

Meeting Minutes

W3EAX has regular meetings. The club secretary will keep meeting minutes which will be posted here.